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Preface – Part 1

 “The enduring controversy of who Oswald really was, what he was, is an inherent part of the historical truth of this case…Oswald, as you know, is the most complex alleged or real political assassin in American history.”

Philip H. Melanson, Chancellor Professor of Policy Studies at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth(Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board 1998, p.84)

As a trial lawyer who specializes in serious and complicated litigation, I have a natural interest in the analysis of complex fact patterns and the evaluation of intricate fact patterns. Most assuredly, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has produced one of the most intricate, complex and complicated bodies of evidence in history.

In the decades since the Kennedy murder, there has been much debate in this country and indeed around the world, as to whether or not the Warren Commission Report should be accepted or rejected. On one side of this debate we find the establishment, including, for some strange reason, a rather trusting, compliant and unquestioning media, which uses its influential position to challenge the sanity and the emotional stability of anyone who points out defects in the Warren Report. On the other side are the critics, many of whom undermine their credibility by doing precisely what they criticize the Warren Commission for doing; i.e., selectively utilizing the evidence to prove their pre-determined theory.

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Praise For The Book
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Carlos Marcello

Carlos Marcello

Kennedy’s bitter enemy, New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, called upon his hit men to “Take the stone out of my shoe.”

Kennedy’s enemies including the Mafia, the CIA, and the anti-Castro Cubans knew he constantly rode in open-roofer motorcades, was an easy target for a rifle from a tall building and there has been at least one prior plot to kill JFK in a motorcade that aborted in Miami four days before Dallas.


Portrait of Santo Trafficante

Santo Trafficante

Tampa Mafia boss Santos Trafficante guaranteed, “He is going to get hit.”
David Ferrie

David Ferrie

Mafia, CIA & Anti-Castro Cubans

All three groups participated in bizarre plots to assassinate &/or overthrow Fidel Castro, including hare-brained schemes such as “Remember the Maine” type incidents to incite public support for invading Cuba.

Elements of all three has a common enemy in the person of President john F. Kennedy.


Jimmy Hoffa


Read all the official documentary evidence regarding his “defection”, his “communist” activities, the “legend” created for Oswald and his numerous connections to rabid anti-communist, anti-Castro right wing activists. Ask yourself this key question: Why did a life-long mobster Jack Ruby rub out Oswald.


James R. Duffy


James-R-DuffyOne of the preeminent trial attorneys in the nation, James R. Duffy is the senior trial partner at Duffy & Duffy. Recognized by both The Best Lawyers in America and Who’s Who in America, Mr. Duffy is extremely active in championing the rights of injured persons and advancing their cause. He is a Founding Member of the New York Academy of Trial Lawyers and is a member of The American Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Duffy has lectured and been interviewed throughout the United States and Great Britain as an expert on the mysterious and largely unknown background of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Praise For "A Hit Waiting to Happen"

“The most succinct and convincing presentation of the known circumstantial evidence suggesting that there was a criminal conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy that I have ever read.” –  John H. Davis, Author of: MAFIA KINGFISH:  Carlos Marcello and The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy ​(referring to first edition titled “Who Killed JFK?”)


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