Oswald The Pro-Castro Activist

The Conventional Wisdom

  • Upon re-defection to the U.S in June 1962, Oswald became a pro-Castro zealot. He was actively involved with pro-Castro activities including the Fair Play for Cuba organization.
  • Oswald got into a fight & was arrested while passing out leaflets seeking recruits to join the New Orleans chapter of the nationwide “Fair Play for Cuba Committee.”


The Evidence

  • Oswald showcased a number of activities that would lead one to view him as a pro-Castro communist.  However, upon examination it was all facade. Oswald did not have even one human contact that was on the left. To the contrary, every human contact he has was on the right, as for example, George De Mohrenschildt, a sophisticated intimate of avowed right wing oilmen, and a man with extensive CIA connections over many years
  • There was no New Orleans chapter of “Fair Play for Cuba.”  This non-existent entity consisted of its lone member, Lee Harvey Oswald.  Despite the absence of any actual office for this pretend group, the leaflets listed its address as a building housing the private investigation office of Guy Banister, a retired FBI agent excessively involved in anti-Communist activities that included running background investigations to ferret out pro-Castro sympathizers on people seeking join the Cuban Revolutionary Council [CRC], an anti-Castro group run by Sergio Arcacha Smith.



  • If someone showed some interest in this non-existent pro-Castro group by responding to the listed address, would they find a pro-Castro group there, or would they find someone whose job it was to identify pro-Castro sympathizers?