Oswald’s “Historic Diary”

The conventional wisdom

  • The Warren Report reconstructed Oswald’s defection and his thoughts & activities during his time in the Soviet Union by utilizing Oswald’s “Historic Diary,” which purportedly was Oswald’s contemporaneous documentation of events


The Evidence

  • Upon careful evaluation, Oswald’s “diary” reflects information that could only have become known after the supposed time of the entries. Expert handwriting analysis establishes that the “diary” was not an accumulation of random entries each entry having been made on the date indicated contemporaneous with the events being recorded.



  • The determination that Oswald’s “diary”, upon which so much reliance has been placed in the reconstructing the defection, is not a diary at all, and is in fact a phony. calls into question the entire Warren Report reconstruction of Oswald’s life in Russia.


  • As well it gives rise to the following disturbing questions: when was the “diary” written?

– whose purposes did this phony diary serve?