Oswald’s Motive For Killing The President

The conventional wisdom

  • The Warren Report essentially concludes that President Kenney would not have been murdered but for a hostile, resentful sociopath trying to find a place in history.
  • As distinguished from the facts of the assassination itself, an extremely large portion of the Warren Report is devoted to Oswald focusing on those items that it is urged make him capable of killing Kennedy. Essentially the theme is that because of the implied motive they attribute to Oswald, he therefore had to be the killer. Motive proves guilt.


The evidence

  • The evidence is that there were some people in America with proven records of vicious tendencies who had very real and frequently voiced motives to kill the President.
  • Amongst them were Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and other members of organized crime who were being hounded by the Kennedy Administration crackdown on crime and crooked labor kingpin Jimmy Hoffa who was in a blood feud with the Kennedy brothers
  • Amongst them were some of the more violent elements of the anti-Castro Cuban activists who felt bitterly betrayed by Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs and the “no invasion’ pledge made to Russia in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis. Interestingly enough, organized crime and certain anti-Castro Cuban activists had been united in interest by the CIA in anti-Castro assassination attempts.
  • Santos Trafficante told a prominent Cuban exile, Jose Aleman that “Kennedy’s not going to make it to the election. He is going to get hit.”’
  • Joseph Milteer, a right-wing extremist was secretly tape recorded by a Miami police informant, William Somersett, stating that Kennedy would be assassinated on a trip to Florida by a high-powered rifle from an office building  and that “They will pick up someone within hours afterward just to throw the public off”



  • If “motive proves guilt,” how does one dismiss people with proven records of viciousness and stated plans to kill the President in precisely the manner that it happened, down to picking someone up within hours afterwards “just to throw the publc off?”